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SustainableUMD News

Contact with story suggestions, partnership opportunities, or other feedback. There are three types of SustainableUMD News, explore each option to learn more. Contents: 

  1. Feature Stories
  2. Articles
  3. In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

Feature Stories

Feature stories highlight multi-year collaborative projects and visually explore the resulting improvements and opportunities for a more resilient and sustainable campus. Written by Office of Sustainability staff in partnership with the SustainableUMD Network, these stories celebrate the success of interdisciplinary efforts around campus.

Students in UMD's South Campus dining hall (2019)

10-Years of Sustainable Food

C. Lundquist & E. Hightower  /  Nov 02, 2022

UMD’s award-winning Dining Services program has served as a leader for sustainability initiatives on campus for over a decade. Green Dining programs aim to educate the community while progressing UMD's carbon neutrality goal.

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Students outside on main campus

Measuring Campus Forest Carbon

E. Hightower  /  Oct 12, 2022

Forests and other green spaces provide important benefits to mental and physical health, education, and campus operations. Students and researchers at UMD partner to better understand forest carbon sequestration and flux.

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Dr. Pines at his inauguration as UMD President (2021)

A Year in Review: 2020-2021

E. Hightower  /  Mar 25, 2022

The University continues to strive for excellence in climate action, aiming to achieve the visions embodied in campus, community, and global sustainability goals. The 2020 calendar year highlights the University’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and climate action even as financial and social challenges mounted with the impacts of the global pandemic.

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Mural along Baltimore Avenue with Biker

Building a Sustainable Future

S. DeLeon  /  Nov 18, 2020

Since sustainability is⁠—in essence⁠—about the future, thoughtful planning is an essential piece of creating a story that achieves the kind of visions embodied in campus, community, and global sustainability goals. At the local scale, UMD and partners in government and business are guiding that planning with a deep commitment to “smart growth.”

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Articles highlight specific departments and people who lead, collaborate and complete the necessary, ongoing work that drives UMD’s progress in sustainability. 

Shuttle Bus at M Circle

Funding for the Future: Internships, Biodiversity, and more!

R. Rodriguez /  May 01, 2023

More than $230K awarded in 2022-2023 grant cycle towards sustainable operations, academics, and research. Learn how and when to submit a sustainability fund proposal.

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Students at the Outreach Bike

Pedaling for the SDGs: SustainableUMD’s New Outreach Bike

S. Holt /  Apr 21, 2023

A new tool for engagement in the Office of Sustainability, the Outreach Bike adds mobility and addresses one of the grand challenges on our campus: sustainability and climate action.

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Student photo booth at EarthFest (Photo Credit: Emily Hightower)

Getting Greener: Sustainability Fund Updates in Fall 2022

E. Hightower  /  Aug 29, 2022

In 2021-2022, seven projects were awarded $200K to address sustainable food, student outreach, forest carbon, and more. New developments to the Sustainability Fund will increase grant opportunities.

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Terp to Terp Campus ReStore

Terp to Terp Campus ReUse Store

E. Hightower  /  Sep 01, 2022

Terp to Terp encourages social responsibility by offering opportunities to reallocate useful items to individuals in need, preventing landfill waste and saving the University and students money.

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UMD Graduate Student and Office of Sustainability Outreach Associate poses at Cool Food Pledge Outreach event

Sustainability in the Food System

L.E. Myles  /  Nov 05, 2020

In support of campus sustainability goals, Dining Services developed and adopted the Sustainable Food Action Plan in October 2012, committing to continuously provide more nutritious and environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable food to campus diners.

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Student sorting waste into compost at STAMP

UMD's Journey to Curbing Waste

A. Small  /  Jan 21, 2021

Despite the obstacles, UMD's departments have achieved major improvements in reducing waste and improving recycling, composting, and reuse systems. While tackling waste sources and systems is an ongoing process, each of us can contribute to progress towards much needed change.

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Aerial shot of UMD

Advice from Young Alumni Leaders

A. Lentini  /  Nov 16, 2020

UMD encourages students to think about and participate in sustainable living through courses and programs that integrate sustainability broadly across the curriculum and throughout student life. We asked young alums who lead SGA's Sustainability Committee and represented their peers on the University Sustainability Council to share their advice for current students.

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In Case You Missed It

“In Case You Missed It” articles (or ICYMI) highlight recent SustainableUMD events, share campus resources, and provide information on upcoming opportunities to engage with UMD's sustainability work.

UMD Community collecting specimen for the BioBlitz

UMD Community Collaborates to Compete in BioBlitz

L. Russell  /  May 6, 2023

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Community members at Maryland Day plant basil

Community Members Experience Campus Life at Maryland Day

S. Holt  /  Apr 29, 2023

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EarthFest 2023 (Photo by Stephanie Cordle)

Campus Celebrates Sustainability

S. Holt  /  Apr 21, 2023

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Ambassador outside the Outreach Bike

Campus Celebrates Bike Week

S. Holt  /  Apr 11, 2023

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Staff at the Outreach Bike

Staff Enjoy Coffee and Explore Sustainability Programs

S. Holt  /  Mar 29, 2023

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Trivia Wheel and Repurposed T-Shirt with Green Terp Logo

Terp to Terp, OS, & Campus Pantry Engage Students at Open Shop

S. Holt  /  Mar 09, 2023

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Campus Participates in International Love Data Week

E. Hightower  /  Feb 15, 2023

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The Farmers Market Celebrates 10-Years at the Holiday Market

E. Hightower /  Dec 07, 2022

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Green Office Celebrates New and Returning Offices

E. Hightower  /  Dec 07, 2022

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Students Learn at Bike Safety Month

S. Holt  /  Oct 5, 2022

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Chefs Share Cool Food Options with Students

C. Lundquist  /  Oct 03, 2022

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